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Halo Vacuum – A germicidal vacuum!

Here is the UV bulb chamber on the underside of the Halo UVX.Developed by Ken and Carrie Garcia, a set of parents blessed with triplets, the Halo vacuum line uses specialized ultra-violet light as an additional tool to kill living organisms as you vacuum!   UVC technology has been used for years in hospitals to disinfect and kill germs on surfaces, but never before has it been available to the consumer for the purpose of cleaning and disinfecting carpets & floors.
There are 2 models of this vacuum available.  They are both light weight – about 16 lbs – and easy to maneuver.
Halo UVX - base model
The Halo UVX is the base model, coming with a beltless brush bar,  a motorized height adjustment with 5 levels and a retractable handle for ease of storage and also to handle vacuuming mattresses.  There are no belts to change, which is certainly a convenience. It has a 31 ft. long retractable cord in addition to both HEPA and carbon filters to reduce the amount of debris put back into the air.  This model runs about $399 MSRP, but click here for a discount at Amazon.com.

The Halo UV-ST has the same features as the base model, but includes a number of attachments as well as more of a sleek space-age look.   (Check out the picture on the left.)  The attachments include a crevice tool, a hose and an upholstery brush. (see picture at right). This little gem retails for $499 MSRP but click here to get a good deal through Amazon.com.

...and heeeere's the Halo UV-ST

Halo UV-ST Attachments


There is reputed to be a new Halo vacuum model coming out sometime in 2008.